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Feb 21, 2020

This episode walks through how *I* conduct remote podcasts interviews as well as how I set up clients to record remote podcasts. Below are the steps so you can follow along as you listen because this one could be confusing. Enjoy!

[*This is not the end all, be all way to do remote interviews. Just how I do them!*]

How I conduct remote interviews in the studio:

Everything connected to RodeCaster Pro

  • Microphone Into RCP
  • Aux Cord in RCP and plugged into Laptop Headphone Jack
  • Headphones plugged into the RodeCaster Pro
  • RCP Audio feeding into Logic Pro X and Multi Track recording the Host/Guest Audio
  • Microphone setting on Zoom.US - Internal Speakers
  • Speaker setting on Zoom.US - Headphone Jack

Client Remote Interviews:

Need: Samson Q2U, Zoom H6 Recorder

  • Headphones, XLR and USB cable all Plugged into the Samson Q2U
  • USB from Q2U into Laptop
  • XLR from Q2U into Zoom H6
  • Open Zoom.US
  • Set Microphone and Speaker settings to Samson Q2U (So you can hear both yourself and your guest)
  • Record multitrack on Zoom.US (For Guest)
  • Line up Zoom H6 audio (your voice) and Guest' Zoom.US audio for post-production


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