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Aug 11, 2021

Here's the instructions I send out to guests who will be joining virtually for podcasts. I also give out some pro tips for using the Zencastr platform for your remote podcasts. Enjoy!

Virtual Podcast Steps:
1. Make sure to connect EarBuds or Microphone to your computer
2. Be in a quiet place with great internet connection (The Internet one is the most important thing!)
3. Silence phone & computer notifications
4. Connect to by clicking here - [Paste Zencastr Link here], you will be brought to a
new webpage and will be prompted to allow access to camera & microphone
5. Enter your name when prompted
6. Configure your Microphone, Output and Camera settings (options are right below your name)
7. Click ‘Join Recording’
8. Click ‘Allow Audio Playback’ when prompted

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